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Stay Trendy with Statement Potli Bags this Wedding Season

One of the trends that are picking up these days is carrying Potli bags with all the traditional outfits. As we girls can never step out of our homes without a bag and that goes the same even when we are attending a wedding. Everything from our mobile to our lipsticks needs space, isn’t it?

These days Potli Bags have become the quintessential accessory for women during the festive or wedding season and they are perfect to add oomph to your overall look. Since Vedic civilisation Potlis has been a part of Indian Culture. In the Ramayana and Mahabharata also these bags have been mentioned. These Potli bags have become a must-have fashion accessory for style-conscious women because of their appealing and tempting look.

Potli bags are a really good prop for a good picture. They come in a different styles. Some of them are embroidered; some of them have bling and shiny sequins and some of them have statement pearls and latkans. We can see a lot of variations in the shape of the potlis. They all come with drawstrings for the opening on top & have beautiful mirrors, applique, and sequins work all over the potli. It is not just the design that makes them popular, they are highly functional too. From the outside potlis look small and compact, which makes them easy to carry. On the other hand, because of their structure and shape these bags have plenty of space inside. They are a great ethnic fashion accessory.


Not just for ‘Brides’ - Traditionally Brides use to style these Potlis on their wedding; usually on the red or maroon shade. Soon after they are just known as ‘bridal bags’. South Asian fashion has evolved and these potli bags can be pulled off easily by anyone and everyone. Personally we think it’s perfect for any occasion.

Spacious and convenient - You just can’t go wrong. Potli bags are frame-free shape which allows you not to fit in just one phone maybe more than that, plus your lipsticks & keys, etc.

Versatile - As South Asian fashion has evolved, colors like nude, pink, ivory, pastels, cream are more popular. Investing in any of these shade bags means you can style it again and again. These Potli bags can also be styled with your western outfits & they will look as stunning as your traditional outfits.

Handsfree - You are good to go simply carry a potli bag they are TRENDING this season.

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