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Type of Maangtika to try this Wedding Season

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

In India, Maang Tikka has been a part of Indian Tradition since ancient times. Maang Tikaas has religious and cultural significance in Indian Tradition. Indian scriptures and paintings are used as inspiration because of their intricate designs.

Maang Tikkas are worn at the centre of the forehead that is believed to house of the sixth chakra. In Hindu mythology, it represents the third eye or the power of the soul which means the person has the ability to control emotions & concentration of power. It is believed that maang tikkas give the power, will & wisdom to the bride as she is going to begin a new journey of her life. It is also believed that maang tikkas protect brides from the evil eye or any negative energy. Maang Tikka is signified as a union between the bride & the groom.

Maang Tikka


Maatha Patti is derived from two words; ‘Maatha’ means forehead and ‘Patti’ means a band or strap. Maatha Patti is a piece of traditional head jewelry. It is an integral part of Indian Bride’s solah shringar. For their big day, brides swear by this gorgeous ornament.

Sheeshphool / Sheeshpatti

Sheesh Patti is also derived from two words; ‘Sheesh’ which means head and ‘Patti’ which means band. Sheeshpatti means headband. The visual appearance of Sheeshpatti is like a concoction of mathapatti and a maang tikka. The only difference is the patti of sheeshphool / sheeshpatti covers the head like a hairband.


Passa is an Urdu word. Passa means one side. Passa is a traditional piece of jewelry. It is typically worn on one side of the head, usually on the left side of the head. This ornament has been carried down from the Mughal era. In the modern era, it is also worn in the center or right side of the head too.


Borla is an ethnic maang tikka design worn by women of Rajasthan for thousands of years.

Minimal Tikka

Chaand Baali Maang Tikka

Single Tier Tikka

Oversized Maangtikka

Multi-Layer Maang Tikka

One-sided Maatha Patti

Head Chain

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