The Seven Beginner Make-Up Essentials

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

"I don't apply any make-up,I am naturally flawless." "How can you apply so many things before going out,I ain't got that much time." Every now and then we come across such comments from someone who is not a make-up enthusiast. Let me tell you all ladies out there that make-up is not something that one should apply to look fair than your real complexion or when you are going to have a party. Make-up is just for highlighting your features and not mimicking something that you are not. You have got big beautiful eyes? A little bit of eyeliner is going to enhance them even more. A little tinted lip balm is all you need to make you feel more confident and pretty. We are not talking here about tons of make all above your face but we want to talk about the basic and must have make-up products that can make you confident everyday without much time. So here it goes:

1. BB Cream

A good BB cream is all that you need to hide all those uneven skin tones. BB creams are specially designed for everyday use and they are a perfect mixture of moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. Choose one that matches your face tone and you are all sorted.

Note: Always check the shade on your neck area rather than your hand as the tone of your hands is way too different than the tone of your face.

2. Concealer

Concealer, as the name suggests, conceals any kind of marks, spot or blemishes on your face. It is also used to conceal under eye dark circles so that it blends well with rest of the face.

Note: It is believed that the shade of the concealer should be lighter than your skin tone but that is a misconception. An ideal concealer is the shade closest to the foundation that you use.


Mascara is a beauty wand. Yes, you heard me right. It can change the entire look of your face in a jiffy. There is a different kind of mascara. Some lengthen your eyelashes and some provide volume to them. It makes your eyes look 70% more attractive. A good mascara is a must-have.


It is so amazing that just a line drawn on your upper eyelids can entirely change your personality and character. There are so many ways in which one can apply eyeliner depending upon the occasion. For simple daily use, you can normally draw a line on your upper eyelids length or you can extend a little bit for the winged look.

Note: If you find liquid eyeliners messy then try pen liners or gel liner. They give a matte finish and dry very quickly.


Talking about eye makeup and not to mention Kajal would be a lie. Kajal has been important must have product since ages. A kajal can enhance the look of any woman with just one stroke. It makes the eyes super charismatic and hypnotic.


In a beauty regime, Blusher plays a very important role. If applies correctly, it can reduce the appearance of features you would like to disguise while emphasizing your best points. It highlights and gives colors to your cheeks.

7.Lipstick/Lip tint/Lip Balm

The last but the most important as it can make all the product in the list above look fader if you won't apply colors to your lips. When you apply lipstick, it instantly makes you look beautiful and make you stand out in the crowd. It is the one product that can boost your confidence in a moment.

We would love to know your must-have products that you love in the comments below. You can also suggest us if we missed something. We will again be back with something new. Till then Take Care.

With Love Surmayi

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